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Corporate Overview

30+ years in Medicaid/Medicare and Commercial sectors

  • Areas include policy and reimbursement consulting and application of advanced analytical services to federal/state agencies, Medicaid (28+ states), Medicare, and commercial plans, healthcare collaboratives, provider entities, associations, technology partners, HIE initiatives.
  • Suite of services for implementing innovative value-based contracting and delivery models with focus on population health, care coordination, care transitions, reducing avoidable events, care and case management, medication use, quality assessment, creating system wide cost efficiencies with evidence-based evaluations.
  • Intelligent platform with interactive visual, reporting and communication tools that can integrate data from various sources.


Over 30 years experience Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial Sectors providing services in 28+ States

Technology Solutions, Analytics and Consulting Services for:

  • Associations
  • Federal and State Agencies
  • Health Plans
  • Legislative bodies
  • Healthcare Collaboratives
  • Provider Organizations
  • Hospital Systems/IDNs
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Pharmacies
  • HIT/HIE initiatives
  • Advocacy Organizations

Model Design and Implementation:

  • Value-Based Care Delivery Models: Care Integration and Coordination
  • Transition of Care Models
  • Integrated Comprehensive Rx Management
  • Multidisciplinary Team Care Models: case managers, pharmacists, medical and behavioral health providers
  • Predictive Models for Budgeting
  • Risk Stratification and Selection Models for:
  • Medication and service use patterns
  • Quality of care assessments
  • System-wide cost efficiency opportunities
  • Evidence/claim-based evaluations
  • Auditing and Fraud Detection Programs