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Life Science Services

Life Science and Other Services

  • National and state datasets are used to evaluate cost and utilization in populations (Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial) including utilization of inpatient, ED, outpatient and pharmacy visits, avoidable visits and costs, disease prevalence, drug adherence and drug product use by disease and demographic groups which can be used internally and/or for external audiences.
  • Advanced analytics platform integrates client specific and external data to generate insights, answer specific questions, identify barriers, evaluate reimbursement and profitability and develop market channel, segment and payer penetration and expansion strategies.
  • Development of partnerships between industry and other healthcare entities including payers, providers, vendors, patient advocacy organizations and other stakeholders.
  • Data aggregation, exchange and integration technology solutions
  • Drug rebate validation and recoupments
  • Health outcomes and pharmacoeconomic research and publications
  • PA criteria development and auditing
  • 340B and drug pricing and reimbursement audits
  • Comprehensive medication management, patient engagement and adherence programs using our proprietary tools and technologies
  • Population health program development including design, operations, evaluations with VBC contracting
  • Technology and vender evaluations and oversight
  • Grant and RFP response, reviews and contract evaluations
  • Regulatory, policy, reimbursement expert consulting

Life Science and Others

  • Pharmaceutical suppliers and manufacturers
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Digital health and technology companies
  • Medical device companies
  • Specialty healthcare companies
  • Academic and research institutions
  • Government and legislative entities
  • Healthcare collaboratives
  • Healthcare payer, industry and provider associations
  • Patient safety and patient advocacy organizations
  • Healthcare nonprofit organizations
  • Healthcare service and information vendors